Denmark Artist Residency

From November 2019-February 2020, Felicia Murray attended an artist residency at Kunstkollektivet 8B in Denmark. During her time abroad, she created a new body of work, inspired by the nearby ocean and vast landscape. She worked with new materials and processes, such as learning the process of cleaning a fleece, to creating unique forms with a knitting machine.

She began to experiment with natural dyes, and explored the use of seaweed within textiles. The process of this experimentation inspired her to continue her research with algae in Oregon, where she is studying it's possibility in the industry.

This body of work, titled, "Inner Intuition" sums up her experience, and how she learned and created freely, without hesitation. Meditation gives these impulses control in some of the works, while others display the unique space found between stimulus and outcome. The works are driven by some inner force that pushes through the surface, setting the work free to sprout, transform, and grow.



Underød Brugsforening 

Found paper and cotton calico naturally dyed with avocado, rust, seaweed, onion skins, and hawthorn. 250ft x 2in.

Underød Brugsforening captures the life and timeline of Kunstkollektivet 8B. Felicia found interest in 8B´s history as a local co-op, after she found boxes of old receipts and transactions in the basement, dating back to the 1800´s. The layers of paper and fabric, naturally dyed with life from the sea, foraged plants, and food from the new local market, represent 8B´s dense history and transformation into an artist residency. Through sewing hundreds of paper and fabric swatches together, she meditated and breathed new life into the material, giving it a new purpose. The paper and fabric will tear, fade, and rot over time, but the history of 8B will continue to thrive.

Exhibited at RHIZOM relation 29. Pinseruten, Denmark.

Video Documentation by Eistrup Film

Special thanks to Kunstkollektivet 8B, Pia Heike Johansen, Cecilia Thomsen and Amalie Harehjort.



Sprout, Burst, Expand

Gotland wool, machine-knit wool, and twine on monks cloth. 13" x 13"



Stone Meditation

Felted wool, found stones.



Stone Meditation II

Needle-felted wool, fabric waste.



Cotton dyed with hawthorn, seaweed, avocado, and onion skins, naturally dyed wool.



 Inhale, Exhale

Screenprinted with Natural Dyes on Cotton



 Prepare. Skirt. Wash. Dry. Card. Felt. Explore.

Material Study with prepared Gotland Wool.



Seaweed-dyed and machine-knit wool.



Material Study with machine-knit wool.

 Material Study, Hawthorn dyed fabric stuffed with fabric waste.

Material Study, machine-knit wool.

Material Study, assorted naturally dyed fabrics, wool, yarn.