Quarantine Experiments

Quarantine Experiments

It´s been a while since I´ve updated about my seaweed-adventures, but I am still passionate about exploring its possibilities as a dye. Things have been halted due to COVID, but that has not stopped me from continuing my research!

As many know, I was supposed to be back in Denmark this summer for an exhibition and research project. Although it was canceled, I have been continuing my efforts to dye at home and learn more about dyes of the Pacific Northwest.

I was lucky to receive a grant from The Awesome Foundation, who thought my seaweed project was pretty neat! I can´t thank them enough for giving me a headstart on setting up an at-home dye studio. I was able to buy my first induction burner, dye pots, and other materials that I didn´t have!

With my new dye-supplies and the dried seaweed that I brought home with me, I dyed silk scarves in order to raise more money for my research and trip back to Denmark:


I was so surprised with my experiments, and how the seaweed was still able to retain it´s beautiful blush color, even after it had been dried and stored for 2 months! These silk-habotai scarves were dyed with Danish bladder-wrack and toothed-wrack seaweed.

They are the perfect scarf to wear on a purse, around your neck, or in your hair. My friend even tied hers around a lovely vase in her house! I had my husband take a photo of how I styled it:

Although I will not be returning to Denmark any time soon (until it is veerrrry safe to travel) I still have scarves available for purchase! Check them out in the "Shop" tab under Nature-dyed!

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