Tufting Resources

Use discount code FELICIATUFTS at Tuft the World for a discount!

Use discount code FELICIA at All Things Effy for a discount! (I am still setting up the code with the owner, so it may not be valid until the end of the week or so)

Book: Tuft the World’s new book is a great resource! They have everything from inspiration to whole project tutorials. They also include plans for how to build your own tabletop frame or freestanding frame. You can also find it on my Amazon storefront.

Tufting Guns: In class, we used the AK1 tufting guns from All Things Effy. They have several guns with different pile height options, as well as loop pile tufting guns.

Tufting Cloth: I use Tufting foundation cloth from Tuft the World. They also have a grey cloth that is higher quality and more durable than the cream colored cloth, but they both work great! The grey cloth might work better with non-acrylic yarns.

Yarn: My favorite brands are Big Twist from Joann fabrics and Red Heart Super Saver. For these yarns you use two strands when tufting. This thickness of yarn is called number 4 Medium weight, or they can also be called “Worsted Weight”. Look for this symbol on the yarn packaging with other brands to find the same weight of yarn:

Rug Adhesive: In class, we used Roberts 3095. You can find this at Home Depot, Amazon, or other hardware stores. For wall hangings or non-floor pieces, you can also use water based glue from Tuft the World or Amazon, which dry hard and are great for wall hangings.

Spray Adhesive: Spray adhesive can be applied before your felt backing for an extra bond and can be found from Amazon or Home Depot. This must be sprayed outside.

Yarn Winder: A yarn winder helps split your yarn into “cakes”. The one I use is from Amazon, but there are many similar options online from All things Effy and other craft suppliers.

Rug Carver: The carvers we used in class can be found on Amazon or Tuft the World, as well as extra blades. You will need to change the blade when you start to notice it is having a hard time cutting the yarn. The electric scissors I demonstrated in class can be found from Tuft the World or Amazon.

Scissors: My favorite sharp scissors are Kai Scissors. Duckbill scissors are great for trimming and can be found at Tuft the World or Amazon.

Frame: You can purchase pre-made frames from Tuft the World or All things Effy, sometimes they come with starter kits too. For larger standing frames, my large frame is from JanRugs on Etsy. You can also build your own frame, there are plans for the same frames we used in class in Tuft The World’s book.

Vacuum: You can use a regular vacuum with a hose attachment, or a shop vac. The shop vac I use is from Amazon.

Felt: Felt backing can be found at any craft store such as Joann Fabrics or Tuft the World. Anti-slip felt is great for floor rugs and can be found on Etsy

Other Backing Cloths: Other backing fabric options can be found at Tuft the World.

Upholstery: If you ever would like to learn upholstery, you can bring a tufted piece to ADF Upholstery’s workshop!

CNC wood cutting: I cut my wood backings to mount my work with Steve at CNC Routing. You can email him at cncrouting@me.com

Other supplies you may want/need:

- Hot Glue Gun

-Marking Pens

- Threaders (or you can use wire)

- Gloves



- Clamps for Frame


-Twill Tape

-Air Filter

-Lint Roller or Lint Remover

Don't hesitate to reach out! Email feliciajmurray@gmail.com with any questions!