Reflections - Portland Textile Month Collaboration

Reflections - Portland Textile Month Collaboration


As several know, here in Portland it is Textile Month in October!

In three days, Portland will be filled with textile art, workshops, exhibitions, and collaborations. We are so excited to be a part of it for the first time!




This year, Felicia Murray teamed up with Adriana Moreno, who runs Moonshadow Goods, in Portland, OR. Their shared passion for sustainability helped inspire them to create a collaboration titled, "Reflections".



We thought about this year's theme of, "repair and reuse", and how as textile artists who try to be sustainable, we still create a lot of waste. After asking fellow artists around us about the waste they produce in their own studios, they gave us similar answers.

Within days, we had bags and bags of colorful textile waste from artists all over Portland.

We also began thinking of how as artists we want to be transparent about our practices, and how we can discuss transparency in our project. The material of plastic immediately came to mind. Many of the fabrics and textile supplies that we order come in plastic packaging to protect it during shipping. We began to collect that material as well.


With Adriana's love for quilting, and Felicia's love for color, they put their minds together to create a colorful transparent quilt that reflected the waste they were so inspired by.



While reflecting on the waste before us, we were excited to create something beautiful from it. We began laying out our materials and creating our unique, "quilt".

Here are some photos of our process. We don't want to share too much - as we want you to come see it in person if you haven't already!


Creating pockets out of recycled plastic


Planning out quilt design with colorful textile waste


Sewing the final stitches!




Throughout this process, we were able to reflect on our own practice, and translate that narrative into the finished piece.

Reflections, is a reflection of the boxes of scraps, the unfinished projects, the sloppy cuts, and the unsustainable waste that we create. The quilt itself, created with transparent plastic, reflects light, shadows, and life. We hope that this project can also open your eyes to see the waste we create in all aspects of life.


Sustainable Practices:

How can we be more sustainable in our own studios? How can the textile industry as a whole do a better job? Here are some tips on how to be more sustainable in your own studio practice:

  • Mend clothes instead of throwing them away
  • Re-use your scraps: to stuff pillows, etc
  • Use Eco-friendly packaging and shipping supplies
  • Use circular-design methods
  • Use zero-waste patterning
  • Shop Local
  • Re-use and Recycle
  • Implement water, chemical, and energy efficiency in your practice
  • Use natural materials
  • Buy from manufacturers who pay their employees fairly
  • Proper disposal of non-friendly materials
  • Use natural/non-toxic supplies
  • Buy conservatively
  • Create art with your waste like we did!





Special Thanks:

Thank you so much to everyone who helped with this project by donating resources, material, and advice:

Caleb Sayan, Katen Bush, and the PTM Team
Madre Linen
Amy Reader
Portland Apron Company

Mary Krummel


Event Description:

Exhibition Dates:
October 10- November 1

Opening Reception:
Saturday, October 10, 2020

Gallery Hours:
Saturdays and Sundays
or by appointment

4505 SE Belmont Ave.
Portland, OR

On Saturday, 10/10 from 5-7pm we’ll be celebrating the new location of AGENDA and PDXoriginals with a reception for artists Vanessa Calvert and Chelsea Moss at AGENDA and Portland Textile Month artists Sam Noel and collaborative artists Felicia Murray and Adriana Moreno at PDXoriginals. Please come join us outdoors with your mask and enjoy a cocktail or beer through a paper straw as we socially distance and look at some fantastic artwork in person! We will gather in the parking lot and allow individuals to experience the installations in safe small groups.

Both exhibitions will be open to the public on Saturday and Sundays from 10am-3pm through 11/01/20. Always by appointment as well. We hope to see you on Saturday the 10th!

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I am reaching out to you in regards to an exhibit you were a part of at DU’s Vicki Myhren Gallery last year that featured Mask Artist.

I am the Operations Specialist for Que Bueno Suerte on S. Pearl St. in Denver, and we are holding our first annual Carnival/Mardi Gras celebrations this year. As part of our week-long celebration we are going to hold an interactive, experiential event called ‘Carnival Masquerade – a Night of Margarita and Mardi Gras Mask Making’. We did a similar event during the Holidays called Tamalada!, where our guests learned how to properly make a Margarita and Christmas Tamale’s. It was so successful that we had to add three extra dates.

We need a Mask Making expert to host at least one event, scheduled for February 22nd. The Artist we had lined up had a conflict of interest come up, so we are in a bit of a jam. I was hoping you could recommend some Artists that would be able to host this event.

I’d appreciate it if we could schedule a call, so I can fill you in on all of the details of this week-long event in which Masks and Masquerade are a central theme.

I can be reached at or via phone at 985-634-0270.



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