The Curious Creator Kit

NEW KIT UPDATE!: I will be creating some updated video tutorials for the kits in the future, but for now, the original Curious Creator Kit tutorials will continue to teach you all of the techniques that you need to know. The inspiration booklets for each new colorway will also include some new tips and tricks. Here are some extra tips for some of the new kits:

DEBUT KIT: This kit includes the most beautiful butterfly beads! These are best topped with a small seed bead. Come up through the fabric with your needle, thread one butterfly and then one seed bead, and go down through ONLY the butterfly. These beads look best tossed around and tucked into small areas that move your eye around the piece.

FEARLESS KIT: The fearless kit comes with gold angelina fiber. Mix a very small amount of gold with wool before needle felting. It can be a little bit harder to get it to lay where you wanted, but keep working at it, and trim any stray threads if needed. The metallic thread in this kit may require some extra strength to get through the wool felt, and when creating french knots, only one wrap around the needle is required.

ENCHANTED KIT: This kit includes three large flower beads. It may be easier to place these beads first, so that you can determine the layout of your piece and where you want your eye to move when looking at the final project. These beads are best placed with a small seed bead on top to secure them.

RED KIT: This is the most monochromatic kit in the collection. All of the red tones are similar, but when placed together, there still is slight variation that can create depth in your piece. Larger areas of flat felting can be a good way to create dimension. The red heart beads can be tucked in hidden areas to move your eye around the piece.

WILDEST DREAMS KIT: This kit comes with white angelina fiber. Mix a very small amount of it with your wool before needle felting. It can be a little bit harder to get it to lay where you wanted, but keep working at it, and trim any stray threads if needed. The metallic thread in this kit may require some extra strength to get through the wool felt, and when creating french knots, only one wrap around the needle is required.




Now its time to grab your kit, find a cozy spot with good lighting to work, and get started!



About Your Supplies:

Inspiration Booklet - Keep this close by while working on your kit. I will refer to it throughout the tutorial videos. Take a look at the photos for inspiration on colors and combinations to use in your piece!

Wool - Depending on your kit, you will have 2-4 colors of Corriedale Wool. This type of wool felts up quickly and is great for beginners.

Embroidery Hoop - An embroidery hoop is used to stretch fabric tightly so that it is easier to work, and so your piece does not become warped. It can also be used as a frame to display your final piece.

Felt Backing - Your felt material is part polyester, part wool content. This allows you to be able to felt straight into the material, and is stronger than 100% polyester felt, which could tear and stretch as you bead and embroider into it.

Embroidery Needle - The embroidery needle is the thicker needle that has a larger eye. This will be used for embroidery techniques such as basic stitches and french knots.

Beading Needle - The beading needle is the skinnier needle with a smaller eye. This allows for them to fit through the small beads.

Needle Threader - This tool will help you thread your beading and embroidery needles. Check out this video for help with using your needle threader. Needle threaders can be delicate - be sure not to tug too hard or you can break the threader/needle.

Smaller Seed Beads - Smaller seed beads can be used for clumps, stacking, and other techniques.

Bugle Beads - Bugle beads are the longer, tube-like beads. They are used to create the taller stacked designs that usually incorporate a smaller seed bead placed on top.

Sequins - Sequins are a type of bead that can be used to create many unique textures when stacked with different types of beads.

Larger Seed Beads - Larger beads can be combined with smaller seed beads, or clumped by themselves to create different combinations.

Embroidery Thread - Your kit includes 4 colors of embroidery thread. There are several embroidery techniques that you can incorporate in your piece. We will learn basic stitching and french knots in the tutorial video. Metallic thread can be a little more tricky to create french knots, and only requires wrapping around the needle one time. Practice makes perfect for this technique!

Beading Thread - Beading thread is a thin, white/clear color. It is stronger than a typical sewing thread and glides through the beads easily. Always use a double strand and make sure that you leave yourself enough thread to tie off.

Felting Foam - The foam is used to place beneath your piece when you are needle felting. When felting, your needle should go through the wool and into the foam below. It is also a great place to keep your needles when they are not in use.

Small Felting Needle - Hold your needles side by side to see the difference in size. Get a feel for how they are different when felting. I use the smaller needle for finer, delicate work. Always poke straight down and not at an angle to avoid breaking your felting needles, and be careful - they are sharp!

Large Felting Needle - The larger needle is used for work that is a little bit thicker, such as the tubular corals. Use both needles to see which one you like best. I often switch back and forth as I am felting. You can also try holding both needles at the same time for faster felting.



Extra Beading Tips:

Have Patience - Beading is a slow process. It really is one bead at a time. Keep practicing and you will become faster!

Experiment - You can copy some of the combinations that I have represented in my finished pieces, but also have fun and experiment with new combinations. Try stacking 5 beads, maybe try mixing different colors in a clump! The possibilities are endless.

Where can I get more beads? - Are you now as obsessed with beading as I am and want to purchase more beads? Check out my new Beading Bundle, which comes with extra beads, sequins, and thread.



Extra Felting Tips:

Be Gentle - Your needles can break easily, so be careful! Poking the wool with more force will not make you felt more quickly; it is all about the amount of times that you are stabbing the wool. Be careful not to poke your fingers either - felting needles are sharp!

Wool Shrinks - Always remember that your shape will shrink as you continue to felt it. It will also become more compact. You can always add more layers of wool to your piece too, so don't worry!

Where can I get more wool/needles? - Are you now a felting master now? Check out my new Felting Bundle, which comes with extra wool and felting needles.




Extra Embroidery Tips:

Tangling - Embroidery thread can become tangled easily. Make sure you are pulling the thread all the way through so your stitches are secure.

French Knots- French Knots are a great way to add texture. Wrap your thread around the needle 1-4 times to create different sized knots. Metallic thread is best with one wrap around the needle, and is a little more difficult - but keep practicing! Make sure to leave yourself enough thread to tie off.




Extra Finishing Tips:

Hanging- You can hang your piece with a small nail, or you can put it on your favorite shelf. They look great when distributed among different frames on a gallery wall!

Extra Backing - If you don't like how your piece looks on the back, you can always cut an extra circle of felt to cover the back of the hoop. This is also a great way to add some extra embroidery - maybe a name, date, or initials. If you are giving it to someone as a gift, this is a great way to finish it neatly.

What else can I create? - I am so glad you enjoyed creating your kit! I will be coming out with more kits in the future in different color palletes, so keep an eye out! I'd also love to see your finished piece, so be sure to give me a tag on Instagram @felicia_murray !




Have any questions? Reach out to me through Instagram or at